A Must Read Three Travel Marketing Trends Part I

Spare a minute to dream where you want to be right now. Sunbathing at a beach in Santa Cruz or Mexico? Is it too tropical? Maybe you want to combine your travel with a historic journey. What about Greece? Or maybe you have the guts to climb up the mountain Everest? If you do not want to go that far maybe you can go for a softer hiking at the hill (!) Mont Blanc? Maybe you just want to get in your car and find yourself in Istanbul for a weekend get away. 


We all know that there are unlimited amount of choices but restricted cash and time. So when the time comes, we want to make sure that we will be having the best choice out of the alternatives.

Now try to remember if you have ever typed “what to do in (destination) or “where is (destination)” on Google? We can feel that you already started smiling.  

Did you know that these two questions are two of the top questions people type in Google when it comes to travel. This brings our second issue about using mobile devices. Keep on checking our blog to learn more about the changing mobile habits.

Lets see how this trend will affect your business.

  1. Using high intent keywords

If the prospect customer is searching for something very specific, chances are high that there will be a transaction. However, if a customer is searching for something broad, we can easily say that your customer is not your customer yet. In these cases it is crucial to be able to find and put the right keywords to better promote your services.

  1. Time and location marketing

Businesses should also know their company by heart. Knowing the seasonal and geographic patterns is necessary. Also checking if there is a significant pattern of conversion time of your customers.

What you should focus on is to be sure that your marketing partner is capable of doing these. 

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