A Must Read Three Travel Marketing Trends Part Two

On our last blog we asked you to imagine where you want to be. Now try to imagine that you are there and you want to check another part of that city. You would check how via your mobile, even if you have a city map in your bag, right? A city map cannot take a holiday selfie of yours anyways. We should admit that smartphones are now the wise yet young friends of us.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 13.30.37.png

In business terms, so the first initiative is to be available online and also focusing on you’re ad ranks in order to engage in your customers’ search. According to Google, customers’ conversion rates grown by 88% on mobile last year. 

Lets see how this trend will affect your business.

  1. Be aware of trends and do not be shy to shine.

If your business is not on mobile yet, stop what you’re doing right now. Cancel all the appointments for today. The first rule is going mobile. As stated in the Google’s research 54% of the mobile travel searches are finalizing by paying on mobile as well. 

  1. Competition on mobile real estate is incredible.

The challenging part is the landing position. Your marketing partner should be able to boost your bids or your Quality Scores that are not reaching good impressions. Also, keep an eye on your good bids. 

  1. Be in touch with your marketing partner to be up to date 

Carefully select your bidding budgets. Do not hesitate to upgrade your bids with high intent keywords. Consult your marketing partner for your plan.

Stay Tuned.

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