Everything you Have to Know About Pokemon Go

Nostalgia alert! Pokemons are back!

Pokemon Go is a free game that you can download from Apple Store and Google Play. It is not available on many countries yet. Actually it is only available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany and the UK.

However it is unbeatable when it comes to downloading and the actual usage time. Resources say that daily usage time already passed Facebook, Instagram and Twitter together!

The game allows its users to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokemons. They appear in the real world. This means that it is a location based augmented reality mobile game. Here is more about it.

Location based games: the game play evolves and progresses by the players’ own location. This means that you have to allow the mechanism behind it to see where you are all the time. It uses your satellite positioning through GPS.

Augmented Reality (AR) : It is live. You can see a physical, real-world environment and its elements are augmented by computer generated sensory inputs. These inputs can be sounds, videos, graphics or GPS data. It replaces the real world with a simulated one.


The most basic example is the scores on TV during a match. On Pokemon Go’s case you see Pokemons around you, in your hand, on your desk or anywhere they appear. News was saying that people are not happy about it because they also can appear on inappropriate places.



  • Released on July 6, 2016 for New Zealand, Australia and United States.
  • Released in Germany on July 13, and UK on July 14.
  • Upon 24 hours after it was released it was on top of the “top grossing” and “free” charts.
  • It is the fastest game to be on top of the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • On the second day of its release Australian servers had problems because of its popularity.
  • Nintendo’s post release share price rise approximately 14.5 billion USD.
  • By July 12, the average daily usage of Pokemon Go only on Android exceeded Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.
  • IT accumulated twice as many downloads as popular dating application Tinder the day after its launch.
  • It makes you walk as well. One website was stating that Pokemon Go is the answer for obesity problem. You have to walk 5 km to hatch an egg for instance.

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