Guide to Use Facebook Live For Promoting Your Business

 What is Facebook Live?

Basically, this tool is enabling you to shoot Live videos to connect to your followers or create new ones. It will pop up in the news feed for your existing followers. One broadcast is limited to 90 minutes.


But why?

Because people love watching videos. Besides, you can check their live reactions. Your followers will receive notifications when you go live. You can also filter your look to express yourself better. Moreover, this will make your broadcast more fun for your followers.


It is available to all Pages and profiles! Don't worry for your followers who missed your live broadcast.  After you finish your Live video, it will be published to your Page or profile. You can also customize your audience, so that you can control if your parents are watching your Live house party or not =)

For businesses who are trying yo have more followers! This tool is the one that you are looking for!

You can tell people ahead when your going to broadcast and the topic of course. You can also get comments on what to talk about or the questions from your followers to answer them Live!

Tip 1:
Go live when you have a strong connection and located at a comfortable place. It might take upto 90 minutes, that you do not want to be sitting on the worst chair. On the other hand, you do not want any noise to disturb your engagement with your followers.

Tip 2:
Tell your audience that they should follow you. So that when you’re Live next time they can get notifications. Also be personal. Respond to comments and new viewers to increase the engagement.

Tip 3:
Create your own story and divide them to chapters. If you are willing to give a lesson about Bitcoin for example, the first 90 minutes can be Introduction to Bitcoin 101, second one can be Theories, and goes on. Make your life and your followers lives easy! You can make it it creating an outline and share it with your audience. So that everyone will get excited about it!



Last Tip + Facebook Update:
Later this summer Facebook will roll out a new feature on Live videos. You will be able to go live with abother person remotely. This means that you can invite some guests to have an interview kind of session or connect to your live audience who are watching you to answer their questions right away.

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