How People Use Their Mobile Phones For Search?


How People Use Their Mobile Phones For Search?

Mobile internet has already overtaken fixed internet access by 2014. Customers now rely on their smartphones more than ever to search products and services.

Google reports shows that even if you know what you are looking for, you still start with by seraching. For instance a auto-garage for your car, you know its name and where and you want to call them for appointment, you just search it instead of typing its website on browser. Because you know Google brings it with a map, option button to call and also opening times.


People, if seraching on their mobiles, are %59 more shoppers than people who does same search on the PC's and laptops.

So, create best of the mobile site for your company and provide an easy access to well known services and information such as appointment, opening times, directions, if you're open in coming holiday days.

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