If this happens, SEO will be the new king in the online search

You may have heard or read already some contentious approach by some big mobile telecom operator led by France Telecom, Telefónica and Vodafone. They are looking a way the introduction of some charges based on the volume of data traffic passing through their networks, which could result in online content providers making substantial payments to get their video material an ad materials to customers.

What they say in theory is that Google, Facebook and some big US companies are heavily loading their data infrastructures and they need to charge some money so they could invest.

As consumers, we want fast and cheap, if possible free internet with no restrictions. This approach, if passes EU regulations and comes to life, will threat to net neutrality and open some channels to other cable and internet companies for other content. So, whole structure of the internet will change. Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, whatever you consume, it will be different in a way; expensive or reduced quality or no access at all based on the service you get.

Our interest in this article is not net neutrality nor who gets the money, but if this happens it will be more difficult for small and medium companies to advertise.

One way or other, the cost of content will be reflected to online marketers and every Google Adwords content will be more expensive to reach to you customers. Maybe it will not be reaching at all.

So, this will eventually bring 2 major changes:

  1. Big companies will be affording Online ads in the expense of the small businesses
  2. SEO will be more crucial, so any content for SEO will be more crucial if you want to be on top.


Most probably Google, Facebook will find some other ways to overcome this. For instance Facebook can create natural content for ads so it just looks an ordinary post in your stream. Google can put the paid ads at the beginning of search, or scramble in a way that doesn’t look as an ads.

We suggest small and medium companies consider increasing their Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns when it is still straightforward and increase the brand recognition.

You can read more on this in this article: http://www.newsy.com/videos/eu-telecoms-would-make-risky-bets-by-blocking-google-ads/