Free AdWords Check

You are already running an AdWords or a PPC campaign, but you have

  • High click prices?
  • Low quality scores?
  • Few sales and conversions?
  • Low CTR?
  • High cost per conversion?

Request a free AdWords Check for your running campaigns. We will be happy to send you a complete report which clearly defines the current state of your campaigns and points to improve.


We review your Google AdWords campaign depending on 18 success factors. These factors are based on experience we gained throughout many years and our previous campaigns. Once we analyze your campaigns, we send a report about your Google AdWords campaign performance and share tips for using it more effectively, so that you can have more ROI.

Every campaign and its settings are not necessarily wrong. We also report the good points and suggest marketing insights on them.

  1. Campaign structure
  2. The keywords used
  3. Bids on the keywords
  4. The effectiveness of ad texts
  5. The proper use of Sitelinks
  6. or if the conversion is properly measured
  7. Quality Score of your campaigns
  8. The (good) use of placement targeting
  9. If not using already, tips to connect them to Google Analytics
  10. If using already, Google Analytics vs Google Adwords
  11. Conversion rates
  12. Competitor insights
  13. Wasted spend
  14. Missed Clicks
  15. High CPC due to low Quality Score
  16. Junk Ads and Keywords
  17. If your campaign is running abroad, some tips about that language and country
  18. We also check if all the settings for each campaign are good. Sometimes splitting campaigns can give better results.

We will provide clear instructions and concrete examples from the best practices we ran. Of course we are always well prepared to give an explanation on the Google AdWords screen.

Be informed, even if you are not running your campaigns yourself, you can still monitor the ongoing performance via Google AdWords Manager.

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