Mobile Apps - A Must Have for the Businesses


It has been a while since we haven’t written a “blog”. We were focusing on info graphics basically because they are “fun”. However, on this blog we will talk about something vital for your business. Apologies for no info graphics :)
We have also mentioned many times that consumer behavior is changing and you have to be mobile friendly. We will take it to the next step today by saying

– you need to have your own app –

We are guessing that you already know how important the apps are, because we are using them in our daily life, OR we are unconsciously exposed to them. 

So how will your own app enhance your business?

  1. Being in front of your customers eyes

You have to scroll, swipe and tap in order to open the app you want. Before the tapping phase you are being exposed to many other apps downloaded to you’re mobile or tablet. This will have a positive effect o your brand recall and awareness, because your brain will unconsciously record the things it’s seeing.  You just need to work a bit more hard to higher the brand recognition.
What a minute! What is the difference between brand recognition and brand recall.

In marketing terms these two are needed for brand awareness. Brand recall, un-aided, is the measure of how well your brand is connected to a product by your customers. For example, if you can name some app names, these are the ones that you can recall. Another example for the confused ones, if we talk about premium automobiles, perhaps you will think of BMW, Mercedes, Audi or etc.

Brand recognition is aided, it is remembering the past exposure and ability to confirm that you got exposed. It can be negative or positive. It also has to do with frequency; people tend to be more favorable to the brands that hanged around more. Thus, being in the way might work for your business. Just make sure that you have a salient app icon!

  1. It is a direct marketing channel

How many times are you getting push notifications on your mobile. If it is annoying you, you better check your notifications settings. However, if you well manage the frequency of it, your app will be the very best marketing channel of your business. Make sure that you are giving enough information about your business. Your prices, features, pictures and many more fun things should be ready for your customers’ personal time!

  1. It is only a good marketing channel if you provide value to your customers

Make sure that you are giving enough and relevant information. Every thing should be working well. For example you can put a live chat option to reach them quickly when they are in need. Keep in mind that there are a lot of apps in the store and no unlimited space on the devices. You should be creating value in order not to get deleted!

  1. It will create loyalty

We are getting exposed to many ads online and offline. For offline media, as a rule of thumb, after 3 exposures customers tend to get annoyed by the ad exposure. However, according to Forbes, effective frequency is 20 times hearing and/or seeing your brand to get truly noticed. So being fingertip away matters to create a sincere connection with your customers.

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