Online Holiday Shopping Trends 2017

The holiday season is approaching!

So we’ve decided to create somewhat of a guide for e-commerce businesses to make the most of the upcoming shopping season.

How to catch the attention of the buyer and promote yourself online for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year!

Here are some Online Holiday Shopping Trends for 2017.

Where Does Seasonal Shopping Occur:

Parents live busy lives.It’s not like they could just take time off from work and go shopping. Or leave the little ones home and take a trip to the toy store. So when the little ones are asleep and they can take a minute to relax… that’s when the online shopping begins.

According to Think With Google “one-third of all shopping searches on Google happen between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.”.

And no wonder, even though that’s sleeping hours, 22:00-04:00 hours is the best time we have to ourselves. We can chill on the bed or couch and let our mind run wild. Leading us to think about matters other than work and family. That could be the point you think, “Oh shoot! I need to do my holiday shopping!” Honestly, sometimes I just wake up in the middle of the night with the best gift idea.

In the scenarios mentioned above, where do people go?

Stores may close but online never sleeps.

The most easily accessible tool is our mobile. During Q4 2013, mobile accounted for almost 35% of online traffic (IBM Digital Analytics Benchmarks, 2014). And according to Think With Google: “93% of those who research on mobile end up purchasing a product or service”.

🚩 Basically, having an online presence for your seasonal products is crucial. Your products need to be easily found with a simple Google search, and you need to take the later hours of the day seriously too.


When Do Shoppers Start Their Holiday Shopping:

Like we said, the shopping season is approaching. And you need to be ready for it!

In fact, if it’s October you’re already late! People like to start shopping, well at least researching, before Halloween. I guess Halloween gets people into the holiday season mood…

It was found that; 29% of shoppers will start holiday shopping before Halloween but 48% will actually buy in early December.

This means that shoppers are thinking about their holiday season shopping even before Halloween. But this could also mean checking options and doing research until December.It makes sense to prepare for what you’re going to buy on Black Friday. And if what you want isn’t on sale, then to later compare prices until December. According to Think With Google, shoppers like spending more time consulting more sources and were consulting at least 12 sources in 2015. So you need to consider a more long-term plan rather than expecting immediate results. Know that you need to put in the marketing efforts from the beginning to reap the benefits at the end of the holidays.

So you need to consider a more long-term plan rather than expecting immediate results. Know that you need to put in the marketing efforts from the beginning to reap the benefits at the end of the holidays.


How Can I Reach Seasonal Holiday Shoppers Most Efficiently And Economically?

How to most efficiently reach the shoppers during the holiday seasons?

How to plan your strategy in a way that you market yourself in the right place at the right time?

What should you do to make the most of this season?

Well, the obvious answer is to do Google ads, Facebook & Instagram ads. 

With Google Ads, you can keep showing up to the customer for cheaper costs at first. Have your products readily compared to other brands so that it’s an easy process for the shopper. And show up in searches when it really matters. Plus you can do this any hour of the day and be even more competitive for mobile.

First of all, consumers start their holiday shopping even before Halloween. But more than 40% don’t buy until December. And in this time they are comparing options as mentioned before right? Then your goal should be to stay top of mind, have shoppers comparing your products to others but also not forgetting about you by December. A good way to do this is a Display campaign. You can target to show up on seasonal sites or seasonal shoppers and you don’t pay for impressions, only for clicks. So you will be showing up to a lot of consumers without paying much.

Another idea is to do Shopping ads where shoppers can see your prices next to another. It’s important to have competitive prices here. What’s best about shopping campaigns is that below the image of your product you can see the price and the brand. So it eases the process for the shopper when in their comparative phase. Combine this with display campaigns and you won’t miss a prospective customer. Sure you can’t win over everyone but you won’t miss the buying opportunity because the consumer didn’t remember your name or can’t find you.

Next is when shoppers are passed the research phase and are ready to make a purchase, especially if time is running out! When it is time to buy and shoppers know exactly what they’re looking for, then it's time to strategize your search campaigns. With search campaigns, you can target based on what Google searches you want your text ads to show up in. This way your ad will show up when someone searches a product you sell, and opening hours isn’t an issue.

Now you’ll be spending your budget on clicks that are more likely to convert. Especially if you do your targeting right and pay attention to your Assisted Keywords, CPC’s and Search Terms. But at this point the market will be competitive so it’s a good idea to think about raising your budget. Especially try to spread your budget to include later hours of the day too. And focus more on mobile. Because as mentioned before, more of shopping consists after 10 and on mobile than one might think.

You can also include a Location Extension to your ads if you are a chain store. In fact, 71% of smartphone shoppers used a store locator to find a shop location. Things are different from seeing online and actually touching the product lets face it. So for those products that consumers prefer to hold in their hands or the person that would rather go through the effort of buying in store, by providing your location with easy access in a text ad, you can send customers to your store. 

But wait there’s still more you can do. Remarketing!

Shoppers that checked you out in the beginning but after all your efforts they still happened to forget you, because I don’t know… they’ve been living under a rock? Or there’s those customers that just still haven’t made their decision and keep revisiting sites and stores? You can make a special search campaign targeting only these people. A best practice is to draw them in with a final closing statement. Maybe a 10% discount is what the consumer needed to finally make their decision. And there you are presenting it to that specific person. The best part about this is that people that have already visited your site see this special offer and not newcomers. You can also arrange it so that you’re only remarketing those that haven’t bought anything yet.

Hey, I might be giving too much away at this point ;)

We can help you strategize your online marketing efforts with a plan of action that suits your company. At Digizoom we focus on your brand and your KPI’s to find what the best option is for you with campaigns tailored to you. If you need help with your Google Adwords Account Management from a Google Partner Agency with experience and know-how let us know.

And make sure your shopping feed and mobile-friendly sites are in tip-top shape before the season begins!

Source: ThinkwithGoogle



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