The New Icon of Instagram - Includes a Bonus!

Today, 11.05.2016, Instagram has changed its famous skeuomorphic logo, along with the icons of Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.

The previous one was a retro looking camera. The whole idea was in line with that authentic icon. Remember? Everything was sepia or 1960s looking one time at Instagram. Now, they have modernized the icon and created a brighter and a flatter one. It looks like a sunset, a rainbow and gives a warm feeling.
Here is what I personally think. I do not agree with Ian Spalter, the Head of Design at Instagram. He said, “The former logo no longer reflected the brand or its community”. It may be right, since the gradual introduction of longer videos and the time spent watching videos on Instagram has increased a lot. However, the authentic logo was a perfect fit since it has digital yet antique content or minds involved. But in the end, I like the new sunset logo.

BONUS – How you can actually use Instagram for personal or business purposes?
Lets keep the logo change aside and take a look at its new features and what your business can also accomplish with this high interest and involved community.
Instagram community is now sharing more than 80 million photos and videos every day. It is also gradually having a minimalistic design with a black and white look, which brings the posts more forward and salient. Bringing them all together also with the interests and hash tag searching, it is the audience that you want to target to get perfect conversions. As Digizoom, we enjoy create and 

Dynamic ads on Instagram
Dynamic ads on Instagram let you promote the right products to a right audience at the right time. Your target audience will be exposed to an ad featuring multiple and related products that they were already searching for. Using the carousel ad format, you can show multiple products for your prospect customers to easily browse in the app.
You will see strong results. Most of the Instagram Ads user say that it is the best natural and efficient way to retarget prospect customers based on specific actions. You can ensure that they see your ads, because they basically have t swipe it down.
1. It is the best choice for companies who sell visual products. If you don’t have any, you can promote your culture, employee goodwill or company celebrations with dynamic ads.
2. It is not only for big brands. If you are a freelance artist, it is a perfect way for you to create sales leads and awareness.
3. It is not only for posting pictures or videos. One of the key advantages of Instagram is being able to leverage User Generated Content (UGC) by photo contests and special campaigns.
4. Results can be measured like any other digital marketing solution. There are other applications to get your results. 
It is a perfect match for eCommerce companies. You can see 60% improvement in cost per install compared to a static app on any other social media channel. 

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