Top Picks From Google Trends About Mobile Trends

Mobile is sooo on the rise right now! Seriously, Mobile has never been more important in the world of online marketing/sales. And Google has paid attention! Well of course Google has paid attention, its Google for petes sake ☺ But with search behavior ever increasing Google has even decided to add Mobile speed to its Ad Rank formula. I think this is the final nudge to get people to fix their mobile webpage speed.  And as you will find out below, mobile usage increases in the summer season. So they are pushing for this change now so that you’re ready for the summer season. 

You know what? Good for them, shame on you if you still haven’t paid attention to having a mobile optimized page – just kidding ;). But we all need to come to terms, embrace and take advantage of the Power Of Mobile. With Google’s changes and Instagrams new advertising update, Mobile is more important than ever! That’s why we have made this one and only collective Mobile Trends results from Think With Google (without app trends). 

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