Two new targeting features of Pinterest is rolled out


1. Email addresses and Mobile IDs

How was it working before?

If you have experience in it, you know that it was only allowed to target ads based on location, keywords, interests, gender and device of course. Some brands had the chance to target consumers with their email addresses.

How is it changing?

Now, email addresses and mobile IDs will be easily used to expose ads to chosen Pinterest target. Whoops, you know this from somewhere? You are right; this feature was already being used in Facebook as Custom Audiences and on Twitter as Tailored Audiences.

Why is it useful?

Imagine you are the marketer of a brand. Your customer is shopping on your website but she is not ready to buy yet. So she is leaving the items in the cart without checking out. This feature will allow you to target those people on Pinterest, also allowing you to exclude you actually checked out.

 2. Lookalike Targeting

This is similar to Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences, which is allowing marketers to reach to a customer base of an existing brand. According to Ad Age, the company piloted the feature with some brands and noted that in the best-case scenario, CTR increased by 63%. However Pinterest didn't give any further information about their CTRs.


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