Digizoom is a solution provider for digital e-commerce and enterprise digitisation solutions. We have been helping our clients grow online for over 10 years.

We provide professional digital transformation and marketing services for our clients medium to large. We are passionate about creating Online Marketing Strategies. Our main focus is e-commerce and we operate e-commerce shops of our own as well. So we take our own medicine.

Vision, strategy and technology are what Digizoom is all about.

Marketing Expertise

Marketing Expertise

Over 10 years of marketing experience will guarantee the most attractive designs and online storefronts. We create relevant, customer-friendly and highly effective digital projects.

Our experts implement the finest practices thanks to their business experience and marketing knowledge.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We do not only focus on our customers’ strong online position but also value a happy and a fully transparent relationship. Our clients love us and typically stay with us for many years. Some clients tend to be involved in designs and settings. Other clients hand over the reins. They are all fine. We are perpetual marketing students of our clients, modern culture, design and technology. We are spreading the word about what we have learned through our journey on our blog.

Tailored Service

Tailored Service, Boutique

One size does not fit all. We know that every market and client is unique. That is why we call Digizoom a boutique shop. We do not have a monthly budget limit, regulated back end screens, minimum rates or etc. It all depends on what you need and what your business and marketing goals are.

Price by Value Rather Than By Cost

Price by Value Rather Than By Cost

Our pricing is based on value. We promise to deliver more than we charge. You can consult us for a Free AdWords Check for your ongoing campaigns, with no strings attached. We also offer an online presence check free of charge. We do not have fixed prices but only ranges. We make sure that every customer and service is fairly priced.


  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Shopify
  • Oracle Cloud


  • China Southern Airlines
  • Canon
  • Word Wildlife Fund
  • TEB/BNP Paribas
  • The British School in The Netherlands
  • Hoagard
  • Patirti.com
  • English Home
  • KRBN Industries
  • Positive Answer Cards
  • Fienzi Concept
  • Zein
  • The British Language School
  • Lunchie Market
  • Daneson
  • Hilco Industries
  • Arzum Okka
  • Arzum
  • Rosenetti
  • StudentFixer
  • Dent Akademi
  • Matissera Jewelery
  • Decovana - Design
  • Kozmobox
  • Sinoz Cosmetics
  • Biolog Cosmetics
  • Be Kid
  • Freja&Axel
  • Rossano Ferretti
  • Apochi
  • ENTO Clinics
  • Jinemed
  • Cevre Hospitals
  • Heraderma Poliklinik
  • Danca Design
  • Travel Turkey
  • İZFAŞ İzmir Fuar
  • Lost In Amsterdam
  • Nobel Termal ve Fizik Tedavi
  • Perakendex
  • Hoagard Warehouse
  • Collectief Verzekering
  • IGEME İhracatı Geliştirme Merkezi
  • Dolunay Ambulans