Introducing Instagram Stories

Instagram has introduced a new feature to share “the moments” of its users. You might be thinking that Instagram was already like a story sharing app but with this feature it is more fun!


  • You can add texts and draw on the pictures or videos and they will disappear after 24 hours.
  • It is going to be located on top of the user feed and a colorful ring around that person is going to appear when there is a new story added.


  • There will be no likes or public comments included this time.
  • The story feature is going to follow the privacy setting of that user. This means that if your profile is a private one, your story will only be visible to your followers.
  • You can check you have seen your story by swiping up while checking your own story.


Online marketeers think that Instagram is copying Snapchat however I believe that this feature is going to be liked among the ones who are only loyal to Instagram. There are also some differences;

  • Instagram is allowing you to rewind the stories. This means that you can see the story as much as you want within those 24 hours.
  • Instagram is more fun with more marker options.
  • You can also post your story.
  • You will not be seeing who is taking a screen shot of your story.
  • Instagram is user-friendlier than Snapchat. Snapchat is very difficult for new adopters.

Try it and tell us what you think about this feature. We are curious to hearing from you!