We’ve got years of experience, a deep industry and product knowledge and a full understanding of how search tools, engines and customer behaves. We provide consultancy to our valued customers about the best paid advertising options and what would be the most cost effective way to generate the best ROI.

Digizoom enables you to get maximum efficiency from Google advertisements thanks to our experts who have a reformist perspective on marketing. We develop the most accurate ads for you in order to expand your business and lead sales.

  • Professional Support: We are highly motivated and professional. So, you don’t need to worry about how you manage your campaigns.
  • Certified Experts: Our team consists of “Certified AdWords Experts”. Every single Digizoom team member had successfully participated in the Google Advertising Professional Exams and got their certifications. Yes, we are the team that you are looking for!
  • Quick Start: We will start your online campaigns as soon as possible.
  • Efficient: Our effective, in-depth planning and implementation allow you to show your ads to the right people at the exact right moment.
  • Measurable: We share the details on every penny you spend. (Every single dollar/euro you spend). All of our execution is measurable and our analytics reports show you exactly what is working.
  • Flexible: We can change, pause or end your campaign again at any time you want. No commitment required.
  • Local or Global: We can target your ads to specific languages and geographic areas.
  • Low Budget: You don’t have to start your campaigns with a high budget. You can try-out your first campaign with an affordable budget. We are sure that you will continue.
  • No Risk & High Reward: You don’t have to worry about wasting a large portion of your budget. Test your first AdWords or Social Media campaign and see if it is right for you.
  • Any ads in Any Language: We are an international team who speaks native English, Turkish, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, and French. We can create your ads in different languages.
  • Proven higher CTR and lower CPC rates for each industry: Our successful strategies lower the CPC’s and makes you have the best out of your campaign compared to the industry averages.