Things you can do with IOS 10

I directly want to dive in to the new features :) 


  • You can change the way your message bubbles look. You can make your message appear bigger, faster or etc allowing you to shout or whisper.
  • You can handwrite your message as well. The recipient will see it like your writing it. The ink will flow on the paper.. oh sorry your Apple :)


  • You can go to Apple Store and buy quite nice stickers for your messaging now. See an example below.

  • You can now tap and send one of the six quick responses like LIKE, UNLIKE, HAHA, !!, and etc.

  • You can congratulate your friend’s birthdays or anything else with animations.

  • You can draw over videos, which we already super like, from Snapchat, Instagram and now WhatsApp.

  • You can tap on words like Basketball, Pizza or anything that has an emoji, so that your IPhone will turn it into one. No more scrolling on the emoji tab.


  • The best secret keeper in the world, Siri, can now open apps.


  • You can reserve your table for tonight’s dinner by using Maps or simply call for an UBER.

  • Maps are going to suggest where you are likely to go and the fastest way there.
  • You can also search among your route and see what is around the corner. Maps will also tell you how much time is it going to add your ETA home if you stop by that gas station on your way.


  • Your memories of your pictures are now nicer to check out.

  • Your IPhone will now make contextual predictions like showing your available times when you type “I am available at”.

  • You can now respond to a message right in your notifications.
  • You can now pick up your IPhone to wake it up.
  • The new home app will let you turn on lights, raise your window shades.

  • The design of the music interface has chanced. You can now also take a look at the lyrics if you would like to do so. So “cake by the ocean” wont be a secret for too long anymore.

  • You can search in your photos by typing what’s in it like “beach” “puppy” or etc.

  • I LOVE THIS. You can now type in two languages without having to change between keyboards. 

    ios10-19.pngTell us what you think of it!