Industry Focused Marketing

One size does not fit all”

For a marketing strategy, you need to plan what to sell, where to sell, how to sell and whom to sell. Every market has its own targeting and own dynamics and they are vastly different than others. A customer for an hospital is actually a patient looking for a treatment while same patient is passenger on an airlines and a guest to an hotel and a passenger for airport transfer company.

Google AdWords

Thanks to Google AdWords, you can spend your advertising budget more efficiently through optimization and save up to 85%. You can also get a higher ad position by making your web design & structure, keywords and ad texts compatible to Google content and to its quality guidelines. Consequently, you will enjoy a higher ad position with low costs and have more effective advertising that will reach a broader audience.

Google AdWords Certified Partner Company & Professional Team

With Digizoom you will be working with a Google Certified Partner and a team of experts for your ads. Our team will reduce your workload and support you in every step in line with your advertising strategies.

Digizoom Google Certified Partner

Maximize Your Performance with Optimization & Minimize Your Costs

Your account will be optimized in such a way that you can effortlessly acquire the highest performance. We design the best quality ads by selecting high interest keywords and high-effective ad texts. This allows you to reach the highest number of visitors with the same ad budget as well as being at the top position. By possessing a high quality score, you can also enjoy AdWords Discounter feature and lower your costs even more. There is no minimum spending requirement; you specify the amount you will be paying for your ads. For example, you can set a daily budget of EUR 5 and limit your costs to EUR 0,10 per visitor. You will only be charged if someone clicks on your ad, so not every time the ad is shown. We also provide a free simulation including cost estimations and keyword traffic.

Google AdWords Optimization

Additional Services

Our team keeps track of all the opportunities and services that you can access for free.

  • Free Google Analytics
  • Free Conversion Tracking
  • Mobile Ads
  • Google Maps / Earth / Registration Guide
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Ad Site Extensions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Solutions

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